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When right nutrition is not an option

Staying well-nourished has always been the optimal basis in countering health challenges in life. Aging, surgery stress or fighting a serious illness like cancer can take its toll on our body. At times, it is difficult to maintain or restore an optimal nutritional status during these critical phases. This could be due to deficiency in our normal food intake and/or increased nutritional needs. Topping up nutrient intake from oral nutritional supplements (ONS) is necessary during these challenging times. ONS are often high in energy, high in protein and complete with essential nutrients that our body needs.



At Fresenius Kabi, we are driven by one philosophy: caring for life. We are passionate about supporting your specific nutritional needs with our professional range of ONS.

Supportan® is an ONS specially designed to support people with increased nutritional needs and should be used under medical supervision. Ask your healthcare professional for more information about Supportan®.